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What Is Pre-Workout and How Does It Work

All-natural fitness support.

The promise of CBD for fighting aches and pains and inflammation are making it a go-to supplement for athletes, but not just for post-workout recovery. There are benefits to taking CBD before you perform, too. Personal trainer and former competitive athlete Tara Laferrara started using a CBD salve as a post-exercise recovery tool and found it so effective, she decided to incorporate it into her regular supplement regimen.

“I know it’s good for more than just specific areas (so) I started taking it daily, orally,” she says. “I’ve added it into my life and it feels like just another thing I do every day for overall health.”

Our bodies crave balance.

CBD works by stimulating the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in an array of processes, including mood, appetite, metabolism, stress, and sleep. CBD’s role in enhancing internal harmony is what makes it just as effective before workouts as after.

“Feel energetic, perform at your best, feeling like your normal self.”

Studies show cannabidiol is a vasorelaxant, which means it eases tension in veins and arteries so blood can flow more freely — and who couldn’t use more a little more of that free-flowing feeling during a long run or killer spin class?

CBD also reduces blood pressure, so you can extend your workout without the typical stress and fatigue. And because CBD stays in the body for several hours, it can also help stave off the soreness you might feel later.

Like many athletes, Laferrara uses CBD throughout the day to sustain the balancing benefits. Besides the sublingual tincture she takes every morning, she might have a CBD-infused snack after exercising or soak in a CBD-medicated bath before bed.

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