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Annual Check-up

As a healthcare professional and trusted source of health-related information, you are well positioned to introduce CBD products to your patients. 

Given the number of CBD products on the market, it may be difficult to easily identify which brands are the best of their kind. 

With that in mind, our mission is to help and make it easy for you.  Our PurFIT  premium products are based on their performance in the following metrics: Potency, Purity, Innovation, Value, and Quality .

Providing you with hemp derived products that meet your expectations.



An increasing number of patients have shown interest in CBD to treat a variety of health conditions.

Physicians and Pharmacists can now offer their patients a complete line of Physician Grade Cannabidiol (CBD)  Wellness Product. 


You can rest assured that our ingredients, our production, and our vendor relationships are deeply rooted and compliant with the highest industry standard.


PurFIT source our hemp-derived CBD extract from industrial hemp farms in the US that grow organically, without pesticides and GMOs. We guarantee that the quality of all production lots are consistent, as there are no unforeseen variables introduced between batches of raw material (which is thoroughly vetted and tested prior to blending).

Know your product!


Scan the QR code and follow it to a 3rd-party lab, enter for the product’s lot/batch number printed on its container to display the Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a third-party lab for that particular product.



full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate

CBD products currently on the market are generally categorized into three distinct extraction types, each with a different chemical profile. The key difference among these extraction types is the “purity” of the CBD found in them.

  • Full Spectrum extraction provides all the beneficial terpenes, cannabinoids, and essential oils found in the industrial hemp plant. The physiologic effects of any given cannabinoid or terpene may change in the presence of other compounds, producing stronger effects – this phenomenon is known as the “entourage effect,” which we will explain in more detail later.

  • Broad Spectrum extraction leaves all the beneficial terpenes, cannabinoids, and essential oils found in the industrial hemp plant – but with no THC. THC is legal in CBD products under 0.3% concentration, but for those who are worried about THC, or already know that particular cannabinoid does not give them the desired effect, Broad Spectrum is a great choice.

  • CBD Isolate is CBD in its purest form. This extraction method removes all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils of the hemp plant, leaving behind 99% pure CBD. This is a great option for those curious to see what effect CBD alone causes

THC is the most abundant and psychoactive compound in cannabis, so everyone first assumed it was also the active ingredient behind all the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Although purified THC relieves pain, nausea and muscle spasms, it also comes with some downsides: it can increase anxiety, affect memory, and might even lead to atrophy in the brain's hippocampus. 

On the other hand, when scientists use whole-plant extracts or study people who regularly smoke or consume cannabis products with higher CBD content, the positive effects are stronger and the negative side effects decrease or even reverse. For instance, botanical extracts are more effective at fighting breast cancer cells than THC alone, and the anxiety induced by THC is reduced by CBD + probably other cannabinoids as well.



The results of this single study do not mean that CBD Isolate is inferior to Full or Broad Spectrum formulations. The same researchers compared both extraction types to over-the-counter painkillers and commercial anti-inflammatory drugs – and found that both extraction types had greater efficacy than aspirin. 

The most important downside is what’s known as the bell-shaped response curve. Although purified CBD is effective against inflammation and anxiety in rodent and human experiments, its effectiveness peaks at a medium dose but tapers off for higher doses AND lower doses — which graphically looks like an inverted “U” or a bell. Unfortunately, the bell-shaped curve means that purified CBD has limited usefulness — because its effective dose is narrow and difficult to pinpoint.


However, when scientists repeat their experiments with a full-spectrum, CBD-rich extract, the bell-shaped response disappears. In a study involving inflammation in the paws of mice, researchers observed that purified CBD was only anti-inflammatory at a moderate dose, whereas a CBD-rich extract became more effective with a higher dose.


CBD Isolate has no THC whatsoever. If you are looking to avoid THC for any reason, Isolate is going to be your best choice. Keep in mind, however, that all legal CBD products contain the federally mandated minimum 0.3% of THC. This amount of THC makes it extremely unlikely for THC to show up on a drug test – and there is no chance of it causing a “high.” If you’ve taken products with THC and know that it does not give you the effect you’re looking for, CBD Isolate is a good choice for you

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